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A cosmetic product placed on the market in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation and related guides should be safe for human health when applied under normal and under conditions predicted by the manufacturer, or when applied according to the conditions of use recommended by the product, taking into account the information provided by the manufacturer or the information provided by the manufacturer.


Cosmetic Regulations issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, the relevant guidelines and announcements cosmetic products can not be deleted, but in the light of the information contained in the inner and outer packaging can be kept easily in the market if it can be read and seen.

In terms of cosmetic product definition; external parts of the human body (epidermis, hair, hair, nails, lips and external genital organs, whose sole or main purpose may be to “clean”, “perfume”, “change appearance”, correct body odors, “protect” or “keep them in good condition”. ) or substances or mixtures designed to come into contact with the teeth or oral cavity are considered under cosmetic legislation. Expressions, visuals and similar expressions used in the product promotions of products placed on the market within the scope of cosmetic legislation:

  1. a) It should not be intended to treat or prevent, diagnose or correct, regulate or alter a physiological function of any disease.
  2. b) It should not be claimed or implied that it regenerates, restores or changes physiological functions as a result of pharmacological, immunological or metabolic effects.
  3. c) It should not refer to the medicinal product effect for human use.
  4. d) It should not contain a health statement.

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