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Cosmetic product manufacturers are obliged to make conformity analyzes within the scope of the relevant regulations. The analyzes to be applied within the scope of these regulations are determined according to the country where the product will be sold and the material of the product.

Plastics following tests, paper – cardboard, glass – ceramic – ceramic and metal-based food contact and packaging products, Turkey and the primary of our services for international regulations.

You can contact us to see our full scope of analysis.

Turkish Food Codex (TGK), EU 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and EU 2020/1245, LFGB, DGCCRF 2004/64, DM 21/03/1973, FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21, Part 177 Regulations Below are the main tests to be applied under the scope of:


Test Name

Test Method / Standard

Total Migration Analysis

EN 1186

Bisphenol A Specific Migration

EN 13130

Phthalate Specific Migration

EN 13130

Heavy Metal Specific Migration

EN 13130

Formaldehyde Specific Migration

EN 13130

Sensory Analysis

DIN 10955, BS EN 1230-1

Lead, Cadmium Migration in Glass and Ceramic Materials

84/500/EEC, EN 1388, ISO 7086-1, ISO 7086-2, AOAC 18th Ed. (2005) Section 973.32, AOAC 18th Ed. (2005) Section 984.19, BS 6748, BS 7086, DIN 51032, Iceland Regulation No. 242/1974, GB 4806.3, GB 4806.4, GB 4806.5

Lead, Cadmium, Boron Ghost Wipe Test (NIOSH) for Glass Materials

NIOSH 9100

Volatile Matter (VOM / VCC)

LFGB, DGCCRF 2004/64, EN 14372, EN 14350, GB 28482

21 Heavy Metal Emission & Aluminum Migration in Metal Materials

EN 13130-1, Europe Resolution CM/Res(2013)9 EDQM

Heavy Metal Content in Metal Materials

Turkish Food Codex (TGK)

Microbiological Tests

ISO 21149, ISO 16212, EN ISO 21150, EN ISO 22718, ISO 18416, EN ISO 22717, Ph. Eur.2.6.13, USP 61, USP 62

Antibacterial Tests

ISO 20743, ISO 22196, AATCC 100, AATCC 147, JIS Z2801

Structure Determination (Material Determination with FTIR)

Internal Test Method

Sudden Temperature Change

Internal Test Method

Color Transition Determinations

LFGB, DGCCRF 2004/64, DM 21/03/1973

Heavy Metals Extra Available in Paper Materials

EN 645

Formaldehyde Extra Available in Paper Materials

EN 1541

Color Fastness in Paper Materials

EN 646

Fastness Analysis of Fluorescent Whitening Agents in Paper Materials

EN 648

Determination of PCP in paper materials

In-house Test Method

PCB Determination in Paper Materials

In-house Test Method

Chloride determination in paper materials

In-house Test Method

Melamine-Formaldehyde Resins in Molded Products

21 CFR 177.1460

In order to avoid or minimize the harmful effects of chemicals that may harm living or environmental health, Cosmetic Packaging manufacturers; Compliance analysis is recommended according to the type of material. Turkey and the International Regulations risks identified based materials is the major cosmetic packaging testing can be applied on the basis of:

Test Name

Total Migration Analysis

Heavy Metal Determination

Leakage Analysis

Lead – Cadmium Migration in Glass Materials

Phthalate Determination in Plastic Materials

Lead Determination in Plastic and Metal Materials

Lead Determination in Plastic and Metal Materials Determination of Cadmium

Heavy Metal Content in Metal Materials

Determination of Lead in Plastic Materials Nonylphenol & Nonylphenolethoxylates

You can contact us for all relevant tests.

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